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working out with cannabis: why you need to try it

November 27, 2023

the fusion of fitness and cannabis might initially sound counterintuitive. after all, when one thinks of cannabis, relaxation and munchies often come to mind, not exactly your typical pre-workout motivation. however, with advancements in food science and a deeper understanding of cannabis components, there’s a compelling case for integrating cannabis into your fitness regimen.

as experts in the intersection of food science and cannabis, we at brelixi have explored into the research, analyzing the potential synergies of exercise and cannabis consumption. from enhanced focus during workouts to post-exercise recovery, the potential advantages are both surprising and intriguing. so, lace up those sneakers, and keep reading to uncover why working out with cannabis might be the game-changer you never knew you needed.


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does cbd help with gym recovery?

the period immediately following a rigorous workout is often termed the ‘recovery window’ and is crucial for those serious about their fitness journey. this phase is where the magic happens, as muscles embark on their repair journey and the body focuses on rejuvenation, all geared up for subsequent challenges. the evolving world of wellness has thrown the spotlight onto cannabis, particularly its potential role in enhancing this recovery period. a noticeable chunk of the cannabis-using community suggests that it plays a constructive role in their post-exercise recovery. in fact, studies indicate that a significant 77% of these enthusiasts argue that cannabis not only supports but potentially elevates their overall performance, with notable emphasis on attributes such as potential relaxation and potentially improved post-activity recuperation.

while the scientific community is yet to deliver a concrete verdict on cbd’s specific role in assisting recovery, a plethora of anecdotal evidence, coupled with preliminary research, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the prospective benefits. cbd’s potential anti-inflammatory characteristics and its purported relaxation-promoting effects might play a complementary role in post-exercise muscle and tissue repair. yet, as is the case with many dimensions of cannabis-centric research, an in-depth, broader understanding necessitates more expansive and rigorous studies.


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can cbd and thc heal muscles?

A woman applying cbd cream to her thigh


cannabis, in its botanical intricacy, houses a myriad of compounds, with cbd and thc being the most recognized among them. cbd has garnered attention, mainly for its non-psychoactive potential benefits. in contrast, thc is the poster child for producing the famous euphoric ‘high’ that’s associated with cannabis consumption. an emerging focal point in cannabis research pertains to how these two compounds might collaboratively affect muscle healing. discussing muscle repair extends beyond just mending; it encompasses a range of processes, including inflammation management, pain mitigation, and tissue reconstruction.

should i take cbd before or after a workout?

the timing of cbd consumption in relation to one’s workout primarily hinges on the anticipated benefits one seeks. for those eyeing an augmented focus and an energy uplift during their exercise sessions, preliminary indications suggest that pre-workout cbd intake might be the way to go. on the flip side, if the overarching objectives lean more towards relaxation, managing discomfort, and aiding in recovery, post-workout cbd might be deemed more appropriate.

it’s essential to stress the inherently personal nature of cbd and its effects. while one individual might find that cbd sharpens their mental acuity, enabling an immersive workout experience, another might cherish its post-exercise soothing potential. thus, for those curious about weaving cbd into their fitness fabric, initiating with modest dosages and diligently observing the body’s response is the recommended route.

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can you take both thc and cbd?

marrying thc and cbd isn’t a novel concept for seasoned cannabis aficionados. a prevalent belief within circles is that their combination can spawn a synergistic effect, with cbd potentially tempering some of thc’s less desired side effects, like increased anxiety. from a fitness lens, concurrently consuming both might provide a nuanced experience. thc might potentially cater to relaxation and managing post-workout discomfort, whereas cbd’s role might veer towards aiding muscle recovery and potentially curbing inflammation.

however, harmonizing this duo demands a level of mindfulness. new users, especially, should tread with caution. factors like the proportion of each compound, the strain of the plant, and even the method of ingestion can profoundly shape the overall experience. thus, for fitness enthusiasts curious about harnessing the combined potential of thc and cbd, tailoring the approach in line with personal objectives and comfort levels becomes indispensable.


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embracing the future: fitness fueled by cannabis

A person rolling a joint

in the ever-evolving world of fitness and wellness, the fusion of cannabis with workout routines offers a potentially refreshing perspective. while science continues to delve deeper into the intricate relationship between cannabis, exercise, and recovery, numerous fitness enthusiasts are already testifying to the potential benefits of this powerful combination. whether it’s harnessing cbd’s potential recovery-aiding properties or exploring the synergy between thc and cbd, there’s a whole new realm of possibilities awaiting discovery. as you contemplate weaving cannabis into your fitness journey, remember to explore the selection of brelixi. our drink mixes, powered by cutting-edge nano cannabis technology, might just be the transformative ingredient you’ve been seeking for your workouts.


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