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everything you need to know about cbd water

September 5, 2023

it seems like there are more and more cbd products hitting the shelves each and every day. this is because the industry is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue to expand by 47.49% from 2021 to 2028. this means more new cbd products will continue to be released. one of these exciting new products is cbd water. cbd water has a unique place among cbd offerings and is a great choice for many. so, what is it? why are people choosing it? keep reading to find out!


what is cbd water?

cbd water is basically just water with cbd in it. think of it like vitamin water. vitamin water is just regular water with vitamins and maybe some flavorings added to it. cbd water is the same but with cbd. cbd water may also include other substances alongside cbd. these may be simple flavorings designed to make the drink go down easier. other vitamins and minerals may also be designed to give the drink a more well-rounded approach to health. in either case, having these additives as an option gives people using cbd water more choice in what they want to drink.


what are the benefits of cbd water?

the benefits of cbd are almost the same as the general benefits of cbd. cbd water can also provide various other benefits depending on what else it contains. products with electrolytes, like those from brelixi, can help you refuel after a workout, while products with vitamins can generally improve your health.

a man drinking cbd infused water before working out

what to look for in cbd water

not all cbd water products are equal in quality. there are certain things you should look for when it comes to cbd water to determine which products are better than others. this includes watching out for common problems and looking for solutions.


problems with cbd water

one of the biggest problems with cbd water is that many products contain very low levels of cbd. this can lead to them failing to produce the desired effect. they are also less valuable, as you buy something closer to just pure water. the obvious solution here is to use more cbd. in addition, the use of nanocarriers when it comes to cbd has shown promise in better delivering the effects of cbd.


both are effective solutions when it comes to actually delivering the benefits of cbd. the other big problem with cbd water is that it degrades when exposed to light. a clear bottle will let in plenty of light and, when left on the shelf of a store for months at a time, has plenty of time to do this. by the time you actually get around to buying a bottle like this, it may have been exposed to light for a period of time that seriously damages the product. one way to avoid this problem is to go with cbd drink mixes. these allow you to mix up your own drink and consume it before it has a chance to be damaged by light.


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a different kind of cbd water

if you’re looking for cbd water that avoids problems and achieves solutions, brelixi is a fantastic choice. the cbd elderberry and hibiscus lemonade drink mix turns a regular glass of water into a delicious and nutritious mix. this is a wonderful and food scientist-backed option for anyone who wants to add a little cbd to their water.


this mix contains cbd alongside electrolytes, l-theanine, and 5-htp. together, these enhance your hydration, allow you to relax, and more. the fact that they are vegan and gluten-free even opens the door for everyone to try. the mix from brelixi also targets the main problems with cbd water. it uses nano cannabinoid technology to deliver 30 mg of cbd per stick. it also is a mix, so it avoids degradation from the light. this aligns with brelixi’s mission of providing helpful and scientific cannabis products in a convenient, discreet, and customizable format.


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is cbd water legal?

yes, cbd water is legal in most cases. cbd extracted from hemp plants is federally legal as long as it stays less than 0.3% of delta-9 thc. however, some states have laws or restrictions that target cbd. make sure to check for these in your state before looking into cbd water for yourself.


should i take electrolytes before a workout?

yes, taking electrolytes before a workout has the potential to make the workout even better. it will prevent you from experiencing problems as it will keep your body fueled with electrolytes. this is especially true if you plan on working out for a long time or expect to sweat more than normal, perhaps due to hot weather, during your workout.


when should you drink electrolytes?

you can drink electrolytes whenever you want. they are important for your body to have to function properly. however, you should specifically drink electrolytes if you are in a situation where you are running low on them. this may happen if you eat poorly or don’t drink after, particularly if you have dark urine. it may also happen if you are sweating a lot or working out, as you will expel more electrolytes in those situations.


is it better to drink sports drinks before or after a workout?

it is generally better to drink a sports drink after a workout. this will ensure that you properly replenish your stores of electrolytes. drinking before a workout still helps but is not quite as helpful.


should i drink water or electrolytes during a workout?

any drink with electrolytes is the preferred choice over water. water doesn’t have some of the sugars and salts necessary for your body to perform optimally. meanwhile, these are found in electrolyte drinks and even brelixi’s cbd and thc water.


should i drink electrolytes before or after drinking?

like working out, drinking alcohol saps electrolytes from your body. drinking electrolytes before, after, or even while drinking will help keep these stores at their ideal level. however, drinking electrolytes after is the best choice, as it will top off your body’s electrolyte level going forward.

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