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yuzu + turmeric thc lemonade drink mix 5-pack

brelixi® is your new backpocket-buddy for instant highdration, relaxation, and elevation. create your own thc infused elixir wherever & whenever you’d like! ⚡️

strength: 20 mg thc per stick | fast-acting nano hemp
onset time: 5-15 min

food scientist-backed, each brelixi stick is powered by these better-for-you functionals:

★ fast-acting nano thc
★ electrolytes to enhance highdration
★ adaptogen (l-theanine) to maintain chill
★ nootropic (5-htp) to boost mood
★ natural antioxidants, vitamins & minerals

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5 sticks per box

$45.00 or $40.50 / month

(20 customer reviews)

when to use

post-hiking reward or recovery
on-the-go: concerts, vacations, bbqs, you name it
mix up a functional thc-mocktail
a backpocket buddy, to elevate at any time


a refreshing kick of tangy yuzu + earthy organic turmeric paired with juicy lemon notes.

better-for-you functionals


brelixi mineral blend
enhances highdration


maintains chill



nano cannabinoid

fast-acting thc


how do i use brelixi's nano thc-infused drink mix?

great question! you’re going to mix one stick of brelixi into 8 to 16 oz of water (or juice), depending on your desired flavor. for a lighter taste profile, 16 oz works great. however, we love mixing brelixi into 8 oz. of water for a more intense flavor. just remember to know your dose!

what does it mean to “know your dose?”

thanks for asking! we encourage all of our brelixi’s (that’s you, fam) to check in with themselves as they sip on brelixi. ‘knowing your dose’ means being tuned into how much you need to drink to hit that perfect vibe. we recommend starting by drinking just half of your glass. then, wait about five to ten minutes to gauge how you feel. based on that, you can decide if you’d like, or if you can manage, more.

what does "nano-infusion" mean, and how does it affect the product?

it essentially means that we’ve broken down the cannabinoids, in our case the thc and cbd, to tiny nanoparticles, which makes it easier for your body to absorb and process. as a result, you’ll experience the effects of brelixi more quickly and intensely since it’s absorbed directly in the mouth and digestive system, bypassing the metabolization process in the liver.

how quickly & how long can i expect to feel the effects of brelixi's drink mix?

while the effects of brelixi’s drink mix may vary from person to person, on average, most individuals begin to feel the effects of brelixi within a swift 5-15 mins! remember, everyone’s body is unique, so it might hit differently for you. always be mindful and try your best to know your dose

because of our nano hemp technology, you’ll not only feel brelixi faster, but longer as well. brelixi metabolizes in 1-2+ hours.

brelixi is your new backpocket-buddy for instant highdration, relaxation, and elevation. enlighten your spirit, calm your body, and elevate your now with brelixi ~

lab-tested, vegan, gluten-free

brelixi thc products contain <0.3% hemp-derived delta-9-thc by dry weight per serving in compliance with Federal Farm Bill, available nationwide (subject to state regulations).

currently available in: AK, AL, AR, AS, AZ, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, GU, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MO, MP, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UM, VA, VI, VT, WI, WV, WY.

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

20 reviews for yuzu + turmeric thc lemonade drink mix 5-pack

  1. Jon W

    Tried the thc last night, was great, lasted the full night, was super chill and relaxing, had a great night of sleep.

  2. Cary N.

    Calming chill Love it!!

  3. Makala K.

    Anti anxiety; energized; felt like I could do solid focused work, reminded me of a good daytime sativa; floaty. Love the product! I typically won’t drink it in 1 min so curious to see effects if I’m just sipping

  4. Courtney T.

    Heavy consumer here — effects were for about an hour. It was nice, not too long, not too short; it was juuuust right

  5. Trish L.

    was in pain but it subsided after I drank it

  6. Denise N.

    I’m impressed how fast the effect was and lasted.

  7. Carlos M.

    Happy as hell

  8. Meca S.

    Focused mind-body. Love it!!

  9. Karla Y.

    Very calm and felt relaxed

  10. Nicole A.

    Been craving to have a full glass of the yuzu turmeric lemonade omg !!!!

  11. Danielle P.

    Felt calm, comfortable

  12. Dwayne N.

    Calm, focus, intropective. I like the why, the taste, and especially the color. Looks good visually which is very important and good. Overall like product

  13. Danielle M.

    euphoria, calmness, lightness. It tasted delicious. I split one drink between me and two other people and we all felt the effects – might be worth making a 10 or 5mg version. Loved the experience 🙂

  14. Katricia C.

    Euphoria. relaxed experience

  15. Emilio P.

    Effects are perr immediate, at least seemingly faster than edible effects. Slower than flower, but way faster than edibles in feeling effects of the plant. Strong, nice tropical flavor. If you’re not told this product has cannabinoids, you wouldn’t even know

  16. Helen B.

    Anti anxiety, full body floatiness — lasted over 3 hours

  17. Talia S.

    I loved the experience I had. I took it before attending a 4 year old party and it was just right. I mingled just enough with parents and still stayed focused on my kid having a great time. My anxiety was relieved for sure.

    I loved that I didn’t have to smoke anything or eat it. It was nice to have a drink especially with hydration being key to this. It worked faster than I expected. I did take it with about 6-7 oz of water also.

  18. Giuseppe M.

    Very calming, uplifted very soon after ingestion, really easy body feelings during onset and beyond. Stellar taste profile. Really enjoyed the electric color of the turmeric. Felt like I was drinking something healthy as well as giving me a good body high for the morning.

  19. Tiaajia P.

    Really great experience. Floatiness, sexy

  20. Z W

    The flavor is amazing and the onset was super quick and clean, and definitely powerful even though my tolerance is pretty decent. Highly recommend!

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