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elderberry + hibiscus cbd lemonade drink mix stick

brelixi® is your new backpocket-buddy for instant chill, relaxation, and elevation. create your own cbd infused elixir wherever & whenever you’d like! ☮️

strength: 30 mg cbd per stick | fast-acting nano hemp
onset time: 5-15 min

food scientist-backed, each brelixi stick is powered by these better-for-you functionals:

★ fast-acting nano cbd
★ electrolytes to enhance hydration
★ adaptogen (l-theanine) to maintain chill
★ nootropic (5-htp) to boost mood
★ natural antioxidants, vitamins & minerals

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$12.00 or $10.80 / month

(18 customer reviews)

when to use

post yoga & stretching cool-down
before meditation, during bubble baths & journaling
anti-hangover night-cap before bed
a backpocket buddy, to relax at any time


a sweet fusion of elderberry + zesty lemonade with floral & tart hibiscus notes.

better-for-you functionals


brelixi mineral blend
enhances highdration


maintains chill



nano cannabinoid

fast-acting cbd


how do i use brelixi's nano thc-infused drink mix?

great question! you’re going to mix one stick of brelixi into 8 to 16 oz of water (or juice), depending on your desired flavor. for a lighter taste profile, 16 oz works great. however, we love mixing brelixi into 8 oz. of water for a more intense flavor. just remember to know your dose!

what does it mean to “know your dose?”

thanks for asking! we encourage all of our brelixi’s (that’s you, fam) to check in with themselves as they sip on brelixi. ‘knowing your dose’ means being tuned into how much you need to drink to hit that perfect vibe. we recommend starting by drinking just half of your glass. then, wait about five to ten minutes to gauge how you feel. based on that, you can decide if you’d like, or if you can manage, more.

what does "nano-infusion" mean, and how does it affect the product?

it essentially means that we’ve broken down the cannabinoids, in our case the thc and cbd, to tiny nanoparticles, which makes it easier for your body to absorb and process. as a result, you’ll experience the effects of brelixi more quickly and intensely since it’s absorbed directly in the mouth and digestive system, bypassing the metabolization process in the liver.

how quickly & how long can i expect to feel the effects of brelixi's drink mix?

while the effects of brelixi’s drink mix may vary from person to person, on average, most individuals begin to feel the effects of brelixi within a swift 5-15 mins! remember, everyone’s body is unique, so it might hit differently for you. always be mindful and try your best to know your dose

because of our nano hemp technology, you’ll not only feel brelixi faster, but longer as well. brelixi metabolizes in 1-2+ hours.

brelixi is your new backpocket-buddy for instant highdration, relaxation, and elevation. enlighten your spirit, calm your body, and elevate your now with brelixi ~

lab-tested, vegan, gluten-free

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

18 reviews for elderberry + hibiscus cbd lemonade drink mix stick

  1. Kelsey T.

    loved it!! not sure exactly how long it lasted because i drink it before bed and it knocked me out but that is exactly what i was looking for. i think it would also be great in a smaller dosage that i could drink before work without making me sleepy! anti-anxiety, reduced body pain (including menstrual cramps), light-weight feeling

  2. Yvonne D.

    Instant boost in focus, and positivity. Tasted great. Loved the fast reaction I had to it. Wish it lasted longer

  3. Makala K.

    Yesterday I wanted to nap peacefully so it was perfect. I’d take it before bed or if I’m winding down

  4. Denise N.

    The Elixi CBD IS AMAXING, I love the packaging. I’m impressed how fast the effect was and lasted.

  5. Maurice N.

    I was amazed at the affect on my back pain

  6. Laura A.

    definitely feeling it, feel a little loopy maybe, slackened – really relaxed and downed – floaty

  7. Amiee L.

    I have Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia (23+years) and don’t do well with any car rides over 30 mins. We had taken a 2 hour drive for a family reunion and was facing the ride back. My niece gave me a packet to try for the way home. I mixed with about 10 oz of water. It was very lemon forward. The elderberry smelled delicious, but it’s flavor was very light. I think an increase of the elderberry would make for a much better flavor experience and help cut the intensity of the lemon. I did find as my ice melted I did prefer the flavor. I experienced much less pain from the ride home and even better the “normal” day after was no where near as sore and my pain was much less than it normally would have been. I look forward to being able to order more. I did feel more relaxed but not dopey, and felt very hydrated, which I usually don’t after any road trip. I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Anonymous

    I took it before bed. It calmed me down & relaxed my mind so I could fall asleep

  9. Camille F.

    Felt full body floatiness. This product is awesome

  10. Anonymous

    Out of this world — Amazing product

  11. Janelle S.

    Reduced pain, lasted 3+ hours. Was great to meet you at the alt expo & try a black woman owned product!

  12. Sylvia H.

    Helped me feel calm and relaxed. I really enjoyed it!

  13. Laura I.

    Felt extremely relaxed, both mentally and physically. really great!

    I love everything about this new business! The branding, the concept, the flavor profiles, I think it’s all genius. Hydrating and relaxing.. what more could you ask for?

  14. Dwayne N.

    Reduced pain. Have had three shoulder operations, the pain level decreased within five minutes remarkable product. Can’t wait to get more.
    Life Changer

  15. Latoya A.

    Calming.. Please keep in mind that I did go to sleep about 1/2 after ingesting the product so I may be a little off with me feeling like it could be stronger. I did however have a sound rest which isn’t normal for me.

  16. Kimberley S.

    Full body floatiness, brain empty

  17. June Johnson

    The CBD elixir could not have come at a better time to try. Today has been so stressful and upsetting, so I grabbed the CBD mix and added it to my water. Not only is the taste delicious, but the calming effect is also helping me feel restored and the electrolytes are helping me feel replenished. Thank you times infinity!

  18. Jackie

    I love both products, they both taste delicious and I feel calm, centered and able bodied after enjoying. Shipping to my home state was super quick!

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