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brelixi mixi portable mixer bottle


compact, efficient, and ready to revolutionize your beverage experience ~ quench your thirst anytime with brelixi mixi πŸŒ€

our portable usb rechargeable water bottle electric mixer combines convenience with power, ensuring effortless mixing anytime, anywhere. say goodbye to clumps and uneven blends as this sleek device effortlessly transforms your brelixi elixirs into perfection in just 30 seconds.

discover the ultimate on-the-go solution for perfect brelixi drinks and infused smoothies!

πŸŒ€ usb rechargeable
πŸŒ€ measuring mark for precise brelixi dosing
πŸŒ€ self-cleaning: just add soap, water, and mix!
πŸŒ€ 12 oz max capacity
πŸŒ€ recommended 8 oz per 1 brelixi stick
πŸŒ€ strong enough to blend fruits!
πŸŒ€ all parts are detachable and dishwasher safe (except electric base)

ships out 12/4 !


revolutionize your on-the-go hydration with the portable brelixi mixi bottle! our powerful & efficient USB rechargeable mixer makes it effortless to mix your favorite drink mixes & smoothies anytime, anywhere! πŸŒ€

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