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leaf mini-podcast series features brelixi in a special podcast

May 9, 2023

brelixi, the luxurious new infused drink powder mix, was recently featured on the different leaf mini-podcast series. host brit smith interviewed bipoc entrepreneur and food scientist breanna neff, the founder of brelixi, ahead of the luxury meets cannabis conference (lmcc) in new york city. in the podcast, breanna shared her history with cannabis and discussed how her product is designed and created, what sets it apart from the competition, and what she’ll be bringing to the table at lmcc 2023. this event is an invite-only b2b trade event for luxury cannabis and cbd, and brelixi is excited to be one of the up-and-coming new vendors joining the conference this year. lmcc co-founder and executive director jed wexler was also featured in the episode, discussing how the conference came to be and what visitors can expect. you can learn more about lmcc and the upcoming conference at lmccshow.com. don’t miss the chance to hear from brelixi and other innovative brands at this premier event.


check out the full podcast here:

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