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rapid onset + no waiting for effects

tasty cannabis elixir + expertly flavor masked

reliable dosing + homeopathic remedy

portable + inconspicuous

rapid highdration

ready-to-mix multifunctional wellness beverage

de-stress and unwind

brelixi products are carefully crafted by our certified food scientist to give you the ultimate multifunctional cannabis-infused experience.

yuzu + turmeric lemonade

multifunctional infused drink mix

20 mg thc

(100 mg thc per box)

5-pack box



the reviews are in ✨

Immediate headache relief. Feels like a light floatiness with a bit of euphoria.

william r.

Heavy consumer here — effects were for about an hour. It was nice, not too long, not too short; it was juuuust right

courtney t.

anti-anxiety, reduced body pain (including menstrual cramps), light-weight feeling

kelsey t.

I took it before bed. It calmed me down & relaxed my mind so I could fall asleep

janae l.

I have Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia (23+ yrs) & don’t do well with any car rides over 30 mins. We had taken a 2 hour drive & I was dreading the drive back. I took the Elderberry elixi & I did feel more relaxed but not dopey, & felt very hydrated, which I usually don’t after any road trip. I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

aimee l.

Been craving to have a full glass of the yuzu turmeric lemonade omg !!!!

nicole a.

Tried the thc last night, was great, lasted the full night, was super chill and relaxing, had a great night of sleep.

jon w.

Effects are perr immediate, at least seemingly faster than edible effects. Slower than flower, but way faster than edibles in feeling effects of the plant. Strong, nice tropical flavor. If you’re not told this product has cannabinoids, you wouldn’t even know

emilio p.

I’m impressed how fast the effect was and lasted.

denise n.

Frequently Asked Questions

how do i use brelixi's nano thc-infused drink mix?

great question! you’re going to mix one stick of brelixi into 8 to 16 oz of water (or juice), depending on your desired flavor. for a lighter taste profile, 16 oz works great. however, we love mixing brelixi into 8 oz. of water for a more intense flavor. just remember to know your dose!

what does it mean to “know your dose?”

thanks for asking! we encourage all of our brelixi’s (that’s you, fam) to check in with themselves as they sip on brelixi. ‘knowing your dose’ means being tuned into how much you need to drink to hit that perfect vibe. we recommend starting by drinking just half of your glass. then, wait about five to ten minutes to gauge how you feel. based on that, you can decide if you’d like, or if you can manage, more.

what does "nano-infusion" mean, and how does it affect the product?

it essentially means that we’ve broken down the cannabinoids, in our case the thc and cbd, to tiny nanoparticles, which makes it easier for your body to absorb and process. as a result, you’ll experience the effects of brelixi more quickly and intensely since it’s absorbed directly in the mouth and digestive system, bypassing the metabolization process in the liver.

how quickly & how long can i expect to feel the effects of brelixi's drink mix?

while the effects of brelixi’s drink mix may vary from person to person, on average, most individuals begin to feel the effects of brelixi within a swift 5-15 mins! remember, everyone’s body is unique, so it might hit differently for you. always be mindful and try your best to know your dose

because of our nano hemp technology, you’ll not only feel brelixi faster, but longer as well. brelixi metabolizes in 1-2+ hours.

what is nano cannabis technology?

at brelixi, we’re all about innovation, and our use of breakthrough nano cannabis technology is a prime example of that. a nanocannabinoid is basically a tiny cannabis particle that hits faster and harder than regular cannabis compounds. thanks to advanced nanotechnology, we’re able to create these nano-sized particles, which can be easily mixed into drinks and other consumables. it’s a game-changer for the cannabis industry, offering a faster onset time and more intense effects.

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