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how long does delta-9 stay in your system?

August 31, 2023

delta-9 thc is the most popular form of thc. it is so popular that when most people just say thc, they are actually talking about delta-9.

however, many people have concerns about how long it stays in your system. unlike other compounds, delta-9 will stay in your system for a while, meaning it can show up on tests long after using it.

keep reading if you want to know how long delta-9 stays in your system. this article will explain what factors impact the length of time delta-9 hangs around and explain what you can do to change the process.


what is delta-9 thc?

delta-9 thc is one of the many types of thc that are found in hemp plants. however, delta-9 is the variety that is most commonly found in cannabis plants, particularly marijuana and is found in the highest concentrations. because of this, delta-9 thc is generally what most people are referring to when they reference thc in general.

delta-9 is also notable because it is the compound responsible for creating the infamous “high” produced by cannabis plants. this intoxicating effect is what most people associate with this form of thc.

even scientific research has shown some “therapeutic benefits which are beyond reasonable doubt.”

the other main feature that makes delta-9 notable is the regulations around it. on a federal level, hemp with delta-9 thc is only legal if the amount of delta-9 in the plants is less than 0.3% by dry weight. in addition, there are other regulations that vary from state to state.

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how long does delta-9 stay in your system? 

there are many concerns about delta-9 hanging out in your system. while it might be legal in your area, many companies and other institutions test to make sure you aren’t taking it. while this is changing as more companies stop testing, many still do.

so, how long does delta-9 stay in your system? unfortunately, there is no straightforward and precise answer. the actual cannabinoid tends to stay in your system for anywhere between a single day and 90 days. meanwhile, the majority of tests tend to only look for use within the last 30 days.


factors affecting how long delta-9 says in your system

while there isn’t an exact way to determine how long delta-9 thc will stay in your system, you can learn a few things to give you a better idea. by understanding the factors that keep it in your system longer or cause it to leave faster, you can better understand where you fall on the spectrum.

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frequency of delta-9 usage

using delta-9 thc more frequently will cause it to stay around for longer periods. someone who uses it on a weekly basis will typically end up having it leave their system faster than someone who uses it on a daily basis.


age and body composition

every person out there is built differently and, thus, will react differently to delta-9 thc. many of these factors are things that cannot be changed.

a big part of this is just genetic. some people have naturally more active bodies that break down thc faster. others have the opposite situation.

another part is age. as you grow older, it will take your body longer to break down thc. so, a young person will have it leave their system faster than an older person. this is particularly noticeable around age 60 when a significant drop in metabolism occurs.

finally, weight matters too. people who weigh more can store more thc in their bodies, which means that it will take longer to leave their bodies as well.

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amount of delta-9 taken

the more delta-9 thc you take, the longer it will take to leave your system. this may seem obvious, but it is something many people forget about. so, if you want thc to leave your system faster, just take smaller doses.


method of taking delta-9

how you take delta-9 thc will impact how it moves through your system. smoking flowers with delta-9 or absorbing an oil sublingually will put it in your system quickly. this will cause it to leave quickly, too. meanwhile, ingesting it, whether through a thc drink or a capsule, will take a while to work through your digestive system. this means these methods take longer to kick in and take longer for the delta-9 to leave your system.

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properly using delta-9

delta-9 thc has the potential to be incredibly beneficial. however, if you want to make sure that it leaves your system in a good amount of time, you need to be careful. using it less frequently, using less of it, and taking it in formats that activate quickly will help it pass through your system as soon as possible. understanding all of this can help you make the most of your delta-9 thc usage.




will delta-9 get me high?


delta-9 will get you high if it is ingested in large enough quantities. for example, marijuana plants have large amounts of delta-9 thc in them, so they produce a high when ingested. some other products that use delta-9 thc may have it in lower quantities, which will activate some of the benefits of thc but will generally not produce a high.


is delta-9 stronger than delta-8?

in general, people consider the high produced by delta-9 thc to be more powerful than the high produced by delta-8 thc. this is the general consensus, but the exact effect will vary from person to person.


what kind of high is delta-9?

the high produced by delta-9 thc is generally considered to be the most intense high produced by the common forms of thc. it generally mirrors the high produced by marijuana, as marijuana has a lot of delta-9 in it.


what are delta-9 drinks?

delta-9 drinks are drinks with delta-9 thc in them, like brelixi’s thc yuzu and turmeric lemonade. this allows you to absorb some delta-9 thc in drink form. this is a great way to consume delta-9 if you don’t like using other forms, like smoking.

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