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healthier alternatives to happy hour

January 5, 2024

happy hour is a time-honored tradition, often marked by discounted drinks and socializing after work. however, its health implications must be addressed. there is a growing interest in healthier lifestyle choices. 


more people are seeking a balance between socializing and health. let’s talk about some healthier alternatives to traditional happy hour. we will explore various options that combine fun, bonding, and wellness.


mocktail magic

mocktails have risen in popularity. they are non-alcoholic drinks that mimic cocktails. various recipes can turn popular cocktails into mocktails. choosing mocktails over alcoholic drinks has significant health benefits. including brelixi’s cannabis-infused drink mixes in your mocktail recipes can add a unique twist, providing an innovative alternative for those seeking non-alcoholic options.


hosting a mocktail happy hour can be both fun and creative. presentation plays a key role in making mocktails appealing. using brelixi’s drink mixes, with their vibrant colors and unique flavors, can make your mocktails not only taste great but also look stunning, enhancing the overall experience.


healthy snack swaps

traditional happy hour snacks often lean towards the unhealthy side. there are healthier snack options available. you can easily prepare these snacks at home. 


they offer better nutritional value than their traditional counterparts. pairing these snacks with non-alcoholic drinks can enhance the happy hour experience.


fitness-focused gatherings

active social gatherings are becoming more popular. they offer a unique blend of fitness and socializing. you can choose from various group fitness activities. organizing a fitness-focused event needs careful planning. such gatherings can be both fun and inclusive.


mindfulness and relaxation

incorporating mindfulness into social events offers numerous benefits. activities promoting relaxation and well-being are essential. mindfulness dramatically benefits mental health. guided group meditation can be a part of these gatherings. creating a calming atmosphere is critical to such events. serving mocktails made with brelixi’s products can complement the serene environment, aligning with the theme of relaxation and mindfulness at your event.


cooking parties

cooking parties are an excellent way to socialize healthily. they involve preparing easy and healthy recipes in groups. cooking together has many social benefits. successful cooking parties require good organization. accommodating various dietary preferences is important.


you don’t need alcohol when you’ve got brelixi drink mixes! try our cbd or thc-infused drink mixes here!


nature-inspired meetups

two women having a picnic at central park

outdoor activities are great for health. they offer the benefits of spending time in nature. there are many accessible outdoor locations for such meetups. planning outdoor gatherings requires consideration of several factors. safety is a key consideration in nature meetups.


art and craft sessions

art and craft sessions offer a creative twist to happy hour. these activities can replace the usual happy hour routine. they provide an outlet for creativity. group art or craft projects foster a sense of community. 


creativity has significant mental health benefits. it can reduce stress and improve mood. organizing a craft session is a great way to bond with friends or colleagues. it encourages teamwork and collaboration. showcasing and sharing finished projects can be rewarding and gives a sense of accomplishment and pride.


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educational workshops

educational workshops can be both informative and fun. they are excellent alternatives to traditional happy hours. these workshops offer the chance to learn new skills in a social setting. there are many topics suitable for such workshops. 


organizing these events requires some planning. engaging local experts or instructors can enhance the experience. workshops can cover a wide range of interests. they encourage lifelong learning and personal growth.


volunteer opportunities

volunteering combines socializing with community service. it is a meaningful way to spend time with friends or colleagues. there are various group volunteer activities available. these activities provide emotional and social benefits. 


they foster a sense of community and empathy. finding local volunteering opportunities can be easy. many organizations welcome group volunteers. 


organizing a volunteer group can be a fulfilling experience. it strengthens bonds while contributing to a good cause.


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cultural exploration

exploring local culture and history is an enriching experience. it can replace the conventional happy hour. planning cultural outings, like museum visits, is a great idea. 


these outings can be combined with dining experiences. cultural exploration offers many benefits. it broadens one’s perspective and fosters appreciation for diversity. making such explorations engaging is key. it ensures that participants enjoy and learn from the experience.


game nights

hosting a game night is a healthy way to socialize. it can be as fun and engaging as any happy hour. there are many games that are both fun and inclusive. creating a relaxed and friendly environment is important.


incorporating healthy snacks and drinks, like mocktails made with brelixi’s cannabis-infused drink mixes, can enhance the experience. brelixi’s drink mixes can bring a unique and refreshing element to the night, adding to the enjoyment and social bonding. game nights are excellent for social bonding; they encourage teamwork and lighthearted competition. such nights can become a favorite social activity for many, especially when complemented with delightful drinks that cater to a wide range of preferences.


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embrace a healthier happy hour with brelixi

there are many healthier alternatives to traditional happy hours. these alternatives offer a range of benefits. they encourage a balanced lifestyle. they emphasize the importance of community and socializing in well-being. 


for more health and wellness inspiration, consider exploring brelixi. it is a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their lifestyle. visit brelixi for more health and wellness inspiration.

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