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does weed make you lazy, or is it a myth?

October 2, 2023

people have used cannabis, marijuana, or pot for years for recreational and therapeutic purposes. this has given people plenty of time to stir up myths about cannabis’ effects on your system. for example, does weed affect your motivation or make you lazy?

the active compound in weed is thc, which causes most of the psychoactive effects when you consume cannabis. among the effects, there is one that could have links to laziness. if you’re curious as to how cannabis affects your body and your ability to go about your schedule, we’ll answer it for you below.


can smoking weed make you lazy?

the short answer is yes, cannabis can make you lazy, but this is a short-term effect. roughly 10 minutes after you use marijuana, you can start to feel sluggish or lethargic, but these symptoms usually peak approximately three hours after you consume it last. it does have the potential to last up to eight hours for some people, so it’s essential to keep this in mind.

if you use marijuana for months or years, you may be lazier. however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll permanently impair your ability to function. short-term use of cannabis, be it through smoking it, using tinctures, or ingesting it via edibles or water-powders like thc yuzu + turmeric lemonade drink mix sticks, encourages your body to produce dopamine, and this can make you feel temporarily high. this is why many people who smoke report feeling calm, euphoric, or having a heightened sense of well-being.

dopamine is the hormone many people associate with motivation or reward, and it can help regulate your brain’s function. if you use marijuana long-term, you can slowly change your brain’s reward system, and this reduces how much dopamine your body produces. in turn, this could negatively impact your motivation levels, making you lazier.

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what are the short and long-term effects of cannabis use?

you can experience the short and long-term effects of using cannabis, and how severe the consequences are will vary from person to person. the short-term effects include:

  • altered perception – cannabis can intensify your sensory perception so that colors may look brighter, sounds more vivid, and time may seem to slow down.
  • anxiety or paranoia – not everyone has a relaxing experience with cannabis. some may feel anxious, paranoid, or even panicked.
  • euphoria and increased sociability – one of the main reasons many people use cannabis is for the sense of well-being or euphoria it brings. some people also find that it makes them more talkative or friendly.
  • impaired coordination – it can affect motor skills, making tasks such as driving dangerous.
  • increased appetite – many people call this “the munchies,” many users feel hungrier than usual. so, weed can potentially make you gain weight if you regularly eat a lot while high. 
  • increased heart rate – this can be concerning for individuals with certain heart conditions.
  • red eyes thc, a main compound in cannabis, can make the blood vessels to expand, leading to irritated-looking eyes.
  • short-term memory issues – when you use cannabis and get high, you might have difficulty with tasks that require you to remember several pieces of information for short periods.

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long-term effects

if you’re someone who has used weed for years, it’s very common for you to experience several long-term effects, and they include:

  • dependence – while not as addictive as substances like nicotine or opioids, some regular users of cannabis can develop an addiction, experiencing withdrawal symptoms like irritability, mood changes, sleep disruptions, and cravings.
  • impact on life achievements – heavy cannabis use can be associated with lower income, greater need for socioeconomic assistance, unemployment, criminal behavior, and lower life satisfaction.
  • lung health – regular smoking can lead to many of the same respiratory problems that people who smoke tobacco develop, such as chronic bronchitis. 
  • memory and learning – regular and heavy cannabis use can have a lasting effect on your overall memory and learning ability.
  • mental health – there’s ongoing debate about the relationship between heavy cannabis use and mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. while inconclusive, some studies suggest a potential link, especially if you are predisposed to these disorders.


how do you recognize marijuana addiction?

we touched on how cannabis usage isn’t as addictive as opiates or nicotine, but it does have addictive qualities. it’s possible to develop something called marijuana use disorder, and a few telltale signs that you’ve lost control of your usage include:

  • difficulty controlling usage – generally, you’ll have the urge to use more and more cannabis as your tolerance builds. this can make it hard to control your intake.
  • high tolerance – as you smoke or use more, you’ll start to build up a tolerance. so, you’ll have to ingest more significant amounts to get those same euphoric feelings.
  • relapsing – maybe you decided to quit, but you start craving it. you’re relapsing if you go back to using it due to cravings, urges, or withdrawal symptoms.
  • withdrawal symptoms – if you don’t ingest cannabis every day or so, you can start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. these signs or symptoms can include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and mood changes.

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understanding cannabis and productivity

while the draw of cannabis is undeniable for many, its effects on motivation and productivity are multifaceted. like any substance, the key lies in understanding your limits and balancing use with personal and professional commitments. being informed and intentional makes it possible to enjoy cannabis while reaching goals and not falling into the “lazy stoner” trope.

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1. does weed affect your motivation?

yes, heavy cannabis use can potentially reduce motivation in some people, especially if they use it on a long-term basis. 


2. how do i stop being a lazy stoner?

reduce your consumption, set clear daily goals, and get into a routine.


3. can you be a functional stoner?

yes, some individuals use cannabis and maintain their responsibilities and productivity, but the effects vary by person.

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