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does weed kill gains? cannabis & muscle growth

December 21, 2023

the relationship between cannabis and muscle growth has long been a topic of interest and debate in the fitness community. as more athletes and gym-goers explore cannabis for recovery and relaxation, a pressing question arises: does integrating cannabis compromise those sought-after muscle gains or can it complement a robust fitness regimen?

at brelixi, our expertise at the crossroads of food science and cannabis allows us to approach this question with a unique perspective. whether you’re concerned about cannabis sabotaging your progress or curious about its potential benefits, continue reading to uncover the truth behind weed and muscle development.


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does cbd interfere with muscle growth?

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cbd, or cannabidiol, stands out as one of the primary cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant and has drawn significant attention in the scientific community. many researchers have been keen to understand its potential influences on a myriad of physiological functions, including muscle growth. preliminary findings, including those from a study featured in the journal of strength and conditioning research, indicate that there is not a clear negative link between cbd and muscle synthesis. this specific research compared body compositions of female athletes who were long-term cannabis users to those who abstained. the results were rather fascinating; both groups displayed similar muscle strength and overall body composition. while it’s tempting to conclude from this study that cbd does not hamper muscle growth, it’s important to understand that these insights, although promising, do not categorically confirm cbd’s neutrality in muscle development.


adding to the discussion is another intriguing aspect of the study, which revolved around the dynamics of power and endurance. cannabis-consuming participants in the study showed a nuanced athletic profile: they might have demonstrated slightly reduced power, but they outperformed in endurance metrics. drawing broad conclusions from this could be hasty, especially given that this study was restricted in its scope. a more diverse range of participants and further research would provide a clearer picture.


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does cbd help with gym recovery?

the essence of post-workout recovery can’t be overstated for fitness enthusiasts. effective and speedy recovery sets the stage for pushing oneself further in future training sessions. in the ever-evolving world of fitness and wellness, cannabis, particularly cbd, has emerged as a potential ally for post-workout recuperation. a significant number of active cannabis consumers, around 77% as some reports suggest, feel that it has a beneficial effect on their overall performance. this perceived advantage is often attributed to enhanced relaxation and a better recovery experience following strenuous exercises.


despite the overwhelming anecdotal affirmations of cbd’s potential in aiding recovery, the scientific community is still in the early stages of understanding its exact role. anecdotal testimonies often allude to the relaxation and potential anti-inflammatory qualities of cbd, suggesting it might be a valuable tool in post-workout recovery. however, while these testimonies are compelling, concrete scientific validation, especially regarding cannabis as a possible substitute for established recovery aids, remains on the horizon.

can cbd and thc heal muscles?

the canvas of the cannabis plant is vast and diverse, with cbd and thc being the most recognizable cannabinoids. cbd is often associated with therapeutic attributes without the psychoactive “high,” which is the hallmark of thc. venturing into the duo’s prospective benefits for muscle healing, one cannot overlook that the cannabis plant boasts over 120 distinct cannabinoids. as researchers strive to unlock the full potential of these compounds, the holistic benefits of the entire cannabis plant in promoting health are becoming more evident.


the synergy between thc and cbd is a subject of increasing interest among scientists and health enthusiasts alike. yet, it’s crucial to stress that the scientific journey to uncover their combined impact on muscle recovery is still in the nascent stages. with more robust studies and in-depth research, a clearer understanding will emerge in the future.


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should i take cbd before or after a workout?

determining the optimal time for cbd consumption in relation to a workout depends heavily on the individual’s objectives. for those seeking a potential boost in concentration or an uptick in energy, introducing cbd before diving into a workout could be beneficial.


it’s pivotal to remember that the human body’s response to cannabinoids is profoundly individual. while some might find that cbd amplifies their focus and sharpens their mental acuity, others might resonate more with its potential soothing effects after an intense workout session. navigating the world of cbd and fitness calls for a personalized approach. starting with modest dosages and keenly observing the body’s reactions is a prudent strategy.

can you take both thc and cbd?

the concept of consuming both thc and cbd in tandem has gained traction in the cannabis community. there’s a growing sentiment among users that these two cannabinoids can harmoniously amplify each other’s potential benefits. for instance, cbd might play a role in tempering some of thc’s intense effects, such as heightened anxiety. when viewing this dynamic through the lens of athletic performance and muscle development, a combination of thc and cbd might offer a holistic approach.


however, blending thc and cbd, especially for novices, requires meticulous care. multiple factors, ranging from the specific ratios and strains to the method of consumption, can shape the overall experience. for athletes or dedicated gym-goers aspiring for that extra edge in their routines, it’s essential to craft a balanced approach that reflects individual needs and goals.


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understanding weed’s impact on gains

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while the world of cannabis and its potential effects on muscle growth and athletic performance is vast and ever-evolving, it’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. as research continues and the stigma surrounding cannabis dissipates, we might soon have a clearer picture of how best to integrate this ancient plant into modern fitness routines. until then, informed experimentation, listening to one’s body, and staying updated with scientific advancements will be the best approach. with advancements in the cannabis industry, products like those at brelixi are at the forefront of integrating the potential benefits of nano cannabis technology into our fitness routines. if you’re intrigued by the prospects of incorporating cannabis into your regimen, don’t miss out on exploring brelixi’s innovative drink mixes. they just might revolutionize your workout experience.


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