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thc drink mix for happy st. pattys day: brelixi emerald bliss mocktail

March 12, 2024

thc drink mix for happy st. patrick’s day: brelixi’s ’emerald bliss’ mocktail

try a thc drink mix and skip (or minimize) overly sugary cocktails and artificial dyes this st. patrick’s day! brelixi’s “emerald bliss” thc powder mocktail offers a revolutionary way to celebrate with a touch of green and a touch of well-being. founded by a black woman and queer individuals, brelixi is a frontrunner in the functional beverage industry, specializing in unique cannabis-infused drink mixes designed for optimal wellness.

the “emerald bliss” isn’t just festive – it’s a delicious and health-conscious way to enjoy the holiday. brelixi’s pre-portioned, nano-thc drink mixes are discreet, convenient, and easy to use. the nano-sized cannabis ensures faster absorption and a smoother, more controlled experience. the thc powder is a dream to work with; make thc lemonade, thc drops, thc syrup, thc sauces!

st. patrick’s day festivities & wellness

we know st. patrick’s day festivities can sometimes lead to unwanted aftereffects. that’s where brelixi shines! our carefully formulated nano-thc drink mixes and recipes, like “emerald bliss,” are designed for responsible celebration. the precise dosing control allows you to enjoy the festive spirit without overdoing it.

by incorporating brelixi’s “emerald bliss” into your st. patrick’s day routine, you’re not just enjoying a delicious and festive beverage, you’re taking a proactive step towards a smoother experience. brelixi’s blends are packed with well-researched ingredients like nootropics, electrolytes, antioxidants, and adaptogens. these functional ingredients work together with the nano-thc to elevate your mind and body, all within a delightful elderberry and hibiscus lemonade or yuzu turmeric lemonade flavor, or even a flavorless option for complete customization.

matcha powder

discreet and responsible celebration

looking for a discreet and responsible alternative to smoking flower? this thc drink mix & thc powder got your back! brelixi offers a revolutionary and health-conscious option! this st. patrick’s day, choose joy, choose wellness, choose brelixi. let the “emerald bliss” nano-thc mocktail be your partner in a healthier, happier holiday. make this st. patrick’s day about embracing a greener, more mindful lifestyle with brelixi by your side. celebrate smarter this year. choose brelixi’s “emerald bliss” nano-thc mocktail.

want more mixology options?

add our flavorless thc powder or cbd powder blends to any of these great st. patty’s themed mocktails.

finding thc and cbd near me

curious about where to find “thc near me?” brelixi ships right to your door!

curious about “cbd near me?” brelixi also has you covered.

we always recommend speaking with your physician for any explicit questions about how cannabis will affect your system. here is an article for more information about cbd’s potential to benefit as a sleep aid.

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