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top 11 alternatives to alcohol for relaxation

August 31, 2023

many people like to unwind after a long day with an alcoholic beverage. however, the negative health impacts and other potentially dangerous issues presented by alcohol make this scenario a little less attractive.  so, some people want an alternative. they want something that they can use to relax and unwind that doesn’t involve drinking alcohol.  in this article, we’ll explore the top 11 alternatives to using alcohol for relaxation. if you are sober curious, looking to cut back on alcohol, or just trying to relax more, these methods are for you.


1. exercise

you’ve probably heard of a runner’s high. scientific research has shown that this feeling may be produced by a rush of endocannabinoids, which are similar to the compounds produced by cannabis. so, it gives you an amazing feeling of natural relaxation that doesn’t just avoid the negative health impacts of alcohol but actually makes you healthier overall.


2. spend time with a friend

spending time with others has a host of amazing benefits. it can reduce stress levels, improve stress management, help your psychological well-being, and even boost your cardiovascular system. plus, it is just an enjoyable activity you can enjoy.


3. fun nonalcoholic drinks

alcohol isn’t the only drink you can kick back and relax with. people have been relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee for thousands of years. you can even try to make nonalcoholic versions of your favorite cocktails. in addition, new drink mixes contain chemicals and vitamins that make relaxation even easier. Two women dancing on the beach

4. dance

dancing has many of the same benefits as exercise. both are energetic activities that get you up and moving. however, for many, dancing is less intimidating and more fun than a strenuous bout of exercise.


5. cbd water

cbd is known for relaxation. many people use it every day to help them destress or help them sleep better. plus, cbd products like cbd water are more available now than ever before.  cbd water is a particularly effective approach. including it in water, like these drink mixes allow you to do, gives you an easy way to consume a little cbd. plus, you’ll hydrate and consume other vitamins at the same time.  breaway from the alcohol-driven ways, we tend to relax. instead, let your body truly relax and feel a heightened spirit with our thc-infused yuzu + turmeric lemonade drink mix.


6. meditate

stress often comes as a result of a mind that is being worked too hard. waking up and being constantly exposed to stimuli and streams of thought for an entire day isn’t healthy. your brain needs a break to process everything.  this is where meditation comes into play. by meditating, you gift yourself with a moment of peace. this can be more relaxing than any form of alcohol.


7. tackle something overwhelming

sometimes, people aren’t able to relax because they feel they have too many things on their to-do list. in this case, writing down a list and checking something off can help. tackling the most overwhelming option will eliminate a major source of stress in your life.


8. spending time in nature

research has shown that spending time with nature has measurable cognitive benefits and generally improves happiness levels. this can be anything from going for a hike, exploring a local park, or just sitting out underneath the clouds. it doesn’t matter what you do; it is effective as long as you do it with nature around you.


9. pamper yourself

for some, nothing is more relaxing than a little time for luxury. taking a bath filled with aromatherapy products, getting a massage, or spending the day at the spa are all viable options. whatever approach to pampering you prefer, you can do instead of drinking.  while this may seem expensive, it may not be that much more expensive than drinking alcohol. think about your alcohol purchases and tally them up. you can use that as your budget for a spa vacation or buy products allowing you to conduct an at-home spa day.


10. reading

reading is an incredibly relaxing activity. it allows you to direct your focus toward one thing without other forms of sensory input. plus, reading a physical book removes the harmful blue light emitted by screens, allowing you to relax better.


11. other cbd and thc products

there are a ton of different cbd and hemp-derived thc products out there. the great part about these products is that taking them may help you relax. both cbd and thc promote relaxation on their own, and together, they may do so to an even greater degree. so, if you want to chill out, you can pick the products that work best for you and use them.

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what does it mean to be sober curious?

being sober curious means that you are considering when you choose to drink rather than just conforming to social pressures. generally, sober curious people don’t completely cut alcohol out of their lives; they just use it in a way that better aligns with their goals and lives.


what is the sober curious experience?

most people start the journey toward becoming sober curious because they recognize the potential negative impacts of alcohol and want to make a change. they instead develop a healthier relationship with alcohol.


why is it called sober curious?

the phrase “sober curious” was first used in a book of the same name by ruby warrington. in this book, warrington examines how alcohol is such a common social drug and its impact on people. the book sparked a movement that came to be known as sober curious.


what is the difference between sober curious and mindful drinking?

mindufl drinking and a sober curious approach complement each other well, even though there is a bit of a difference. mindful drinking involves asking yourself why you are drinking and being aware of its ramifications on you. meanwhile, being sober curious focuses on not giving in to social pressures that exist in our drinking culture.


what can i replace alcohol with to relax?

you can replace alcohol with plenty of things to relax. some products allow you to feel a similar sense of relaxation. meanwhile, some activities are relaxing.


how can i get a buzz without alcohol?

alcohol isn’t the only substance capable of giving you a buzz. you can get a buzz from some cbd or thc products. you can also get a different kind of buzz in a natural way, like through exercise. 

explore new ways to get the relaxation you need without the negative effects of alcohol. discover local shops that carry brelixi’s cbd and thc drink mixes and get the calm you’re looking for.

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