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elevate your now ~


food scientist-backed, woman-owned, intentionally crafted

your new backpocket-buddy for instant highdration, relaxation, and elevation


no wait ~ immediate vibe

our ready-to-mix, infused elixirs utilize nano cannabis technology to deliver a rapid onset. in addition to our fast-acting cbd or thc, all brelixi’s are powered by our better-for-you functionals: electrolytes, adaptogens + nootropics — intentionally designed to elevate both your body & your mind.

achieve your true yin & yang ~

instant highdration calming relaxation elevation enlighten your spirit instant highdration calming relaxation elevation enlighten your spirit

rapid onset + no waiting for effects

tasty cannabis elixir + expertly flavor masked

reliable dosing + homeopathic remedy

portable + inconspicuous

rapid highdration

ready-to-mix multifunctional wellness beverage

reach new heights.
mix your way to enlightenment.

the reviews are in ✨

Immediate headache relief. Feels like a light floatiness with a bit of euphoria.

william r.

Heavy consumer here — effects were for about an hour. It was nice, not too long, not too short; it was juuuust right

courtney t.

anti-anxiety, reduced body pain (including menstrual cramps), light-weight feeling

kelsey t.

I took it before bed. It calmed me down & relaxed my mind so I could fall asleep

janae l.

I have Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia (23+ yrs) & don’t do well with any car rides over 30 mins. We had taken a 2 hour drive & I was dreading the drive back. I took the Elderberry elixi & I did feel more relaxed but not dopey, & felt very hydrated, which I usually don’t after any road trip. I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

aimee l.

Been craving to have a full glass of the yuzu turmeric lemonade omg !!!!

nicole a.

Tried the thc last night, was great, lasted the full night, was super chill and relaxing, had a great night of sleep.

jon w.

Effects are perr immediate, at least seemingly faster than edible effects. Slower than flower, but way faster than edibles in feeling effects of the plant. Strong, nice tropical flavor. If you’re not told this product has cannabinoids, you wouldn’t even know

emilio p.

I’m impressed how fast the effect was and lasted.

denise n.

de-stress and unwind

brelixi products are carefully crafted by our certified food scientist to give you the ultimate multifunctional cannabis-infused experience.

yuzu + turmeric lemonade

multifunctional infused drink mix

20 mg thc



elderberry + hibiscus lemonade

multifunctional infused drink mix

30 mg cbd



yuzu + turmeric lemonade

multifunctional infused drink mix

20 mg thc

(100 mg thc per box)

5-pack box



elderberry + hibiscus lemonade

multifunctional infused drink mix

30 mg cbd

(150 mg cbd per box)

5-pack box



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are you running a business and looking for some sweet deals on our products? we’ve got you covered! our wholesale pricing for B2B is the perfect way to save while keeping your shelves stocked with the latest & greatest.

where to find us

our products are available at a variety of health & wellness stores, hemp retailers, and recreational dispensaries across the country, so you can always get your chill on wherever you go.

check out our retailers and keep an eye out for upcoming events where you can grab our products and experience the hype for yourself ~

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~ partners in community ~

we’re all about building within community of like-minded individuals & organizations that share our commitment to celebrating cannabis while de-stigmatizing its culture,

brelixi blog

if you’re thirsty for more brelixi goodness, you gotta check out our monthly blog. this is the place where we spill the tea and give you all the inside scoop on what’s happening with our brand. from the latest cbd-infused drink mixes to the hottest trends in the world of chill, we’ve got you covered.

nano cbd ~ what is this amazing ingredient?

nano cbd ~ what is this amazing ingredient?

you've heard the buzz about cbd – the non-intoxicating compound from cannabis sweeping the wellness world. but what if there's a way to make cbd work even faster and more effectively?  enter nano cbd.  this advanced technology is revolutionizing the way we experience...

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